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Hats off!

on May 13, 2014

“Way to go…You Did It!”

It’s almost time for Graduation ceremonies everywhere so now’s the time to start thinking about cards and gifts.  I’m offering a Graduation kit that includes an elegant gift card holder and a beautiful Graduation card.

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The kit includes the gift card holder,  the Celebrate card/envelope  and full instructions. All materials are  pre-cut and stamped for $8.00. Postage is $2.00 extra. You may purchase the other cards for $2.50 each.

These cards are the perfect for all your graduation card needs!  Hope you have been inspired to be creative. Thanks for reading my blog today hope to see you again soon.


2 responses to “Hats off!

  1. Ella Conner says:

    Lol…yes you can Rhetta…you many do you need?


  2. Rhetta Johnstone says:

    Oh, Ella- I really need this kit! Can I just purchase it on Sat?

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