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It’s a Zipper! No it’s a Flower.

on May 19, 2015

Is it a zipper or is it a flower? And does it have lace with pretty baubles too? Yes, all that and much more.  A few weeks ago on my Ustream show Create with Ella  I used a ‘zipper flower’ as an embellishment on a mini album.  I received lots of requests asking how to make them and yesterday on my Ustream show that’s what was featured.  The sad part is I got so excited that I forgot to click the record button.  I’m so sorry!! However, I have a solution that I’ll share with you later in the post.

Here’s a picture of the zipper/lace flowers that were made on the show yesterday.


These flowers are relatively easy to make.  The main thing to remember is that when you are pulling the thread, do not pull very hard or the thread will break.  My solution for my failure to record yesterday’s show is this:  Here’s the link to a YouTube video by Maya Road Journey  that shows step-by-step how to make the basic flower seen above with the heart in the middle.  After learning the basic technique you can add lace or ribbon and embellish with a button, flower, etc.  To make the lace flowers I watched another video titled Handmade flower tutorial.  When making the lace flowers I found it very helpful to put 2″ scor tape on cardstock and use a 2″ circle punch for the base. Then I gathered and folded the lace like shown in the video.  I also used this same type of base for the zipper flowers once they were gathered. To make the zipper flowers you will need a 24″ zipper, strong thread and a needle.  I used Beacon Fabric Glue to tack my flowers down after placing them on the backing.

These pretty flowers can be used for mini album covers, cards, page layouts, and pocket pages. Use them instead of a bow on your presents to add that special touch.  And then there are people who make them to wear as bracelets, brooches and/or headbands.  The uses are only limited by your imagination.  There are lots of YouTube videos and other ideas on Pinterest.  But beware – these adorable flowers can become addictive to make, lol!

I’d love to see pictures of your zipper/lace flowers   Please post them on Facebook at  Ella’s Paper Cutters and/or Scrapadabadoo Crafts Facebook Page. I look forward to seeing all the pretty flowers you make with your zippers and lace.

To purchase the supplies needed to make your flowers go to They have everything you need and you can’t beat the customer service!


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