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Sneak Peek #4- live the journey

on July 31, 2014

Here’s the fourth of five sneak peeks of new product that will be released August 1st  in our new ANNUAL Inspirations Book.  To celebrate I will posting a sneak peek every day this week through Friday.

Sometimes we want to capture those special little moments in special little ways. Our My Crush books offer a fast way to save those photos and  bits of everyday memorabilia. We are introducting two new everyday collections and two holiday collections. All you need is some adhesive, paper clip or washi tape to attach your mementos – no paper trimmer required! Our My Crush book is 10×7 and includes 60 full colored, designed pages in a wire bound, hardcover book. It will fit in your purse, backpack or car so that you can add to your pages in a flash. Grab a My Crush book on August 1st and preserve those little moments that life is made of.


Remember you can earn an extra ticket for the Mystery Hostess Drawing by leaving  a comment below telling me what you like about this sneak peek.  You can still participate even if you are unable to attend the Open House.  Click here to read details. So, what do you like about our My Crush books?


5 responses to “Sneak Peek #4- live the journey

  1. Cyndee Jenkins says:

    Thinking this is the way to go for all this outlets the kids are in


  2. Rhetta Johnstone says:

    So easy to complete!


  3. Paula says:

    I love this idea. I will call you to get more details when I can thanks for sharing with me.


  4. Janice says:

    Great idea. I like it!


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